The essential points for choosing a home-based printer

The inkjet printer is always the best choice for personal use. The modern printer incorporates a host of features and that too at an affordable price. The hp envy 4520 printer review suggest it is yet another stupendous release from the renowned printer manufacturer. Mostly, anyone looking for a personal printer to be used at home would perform tasks such as printing documents, photographs or completing school assignments. In case, the needs are more varied the printer choice has to be made accordingly. The inkjet printer technology has changed a lot than what it used to be. So for those looking to get a new inkjet printer should be aware of the essential points to determine the best printer.


First of all the print quality needs to be assessed. This again is influenced by the quality of the original image the type of paper used for printing and the resolution of the printer. For example printing a photo on a photo paper and a plain paper will lead to different qualities. The resolution of a printer is estimated by its dpi. Do always check this before buying a printer. You can always adjust the resolution if you think a low quality print will be feasible. Normal printouts that involve text can be done in this manner. It is only when you are taking a color printout, preferably that of an image high resolution printing is suggested.

The next thing to check is the speed in which a printer performs. The manufacturers do not always disclose the accurate printing speed. It is always prudent to check the printer speed hands on. Again, it would be a mistake to decide the printing speed based on low resolution. So always check these facts before deciding on investing on a new printer. If high resolution printouts take abnormally long to finish you should realize the printing speed is unacceptable.

This is the era of the all-purpose printers. So, you need to check out whether the printer you are going for has additional features. These include wireless networking, duplex printing, the ability to scan, fax and to make photocopies, the presence of memory card slots and touch options. If you manage to get all these features at a budget price then you should not think twice of ordering this printer.

It can sometimes become a dilemma for users to choose the best all-in-one printers. There are already tons of such printers available in the local stores and online. In most cases, you have to rely on the information supplied by the manufacturers. While there are reputed printer manufacturers like HP, Canon and Epson that provide the accurate details of their products, there are some companies that promise awesome features at low costs but in most cases the information is overhyped. Therefore, it is always better to consider buying a printer of a renowned printer manufacturer. HP is a trusted name in this field and its latest introduction HP Envy 4520 printer is just as good as you expected it to be.